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Is Zentoy Play Mobile Application compatible with all phones?
  • Zentoy Apps are compatible with iPhones 4S and above and Android phones 4.3 and above that support Bluetooth Low Energy.
Can i cancel my order or change shipping details after being charged?
  • Yes. 
    You may cancel your order up to the date of shipment.
Can I use zentoy without the mobile app?
  • Ofcourse! Zentoy is fully functional even without the mobile app. By using Zentoy Apps you can enhance your experience as you can fully customize and manage your Zentoy. You can also control it remotely from anywhere in the world!
Is my information kept confidential?
  • We value your privacy. We never share any details with anyone, including third parties, and we do not have access to your credit card details. For more information, feel free to have a read of our Privacy Policy.

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