Premium formula with aloe Vera

pH Balanced, to match chemistry of your body. 
Long-lasting, a little bit goes a long way.

- Gentle Texture. Non-staining, feels light on the skin 
- Free of glycerin, parabens, petrochemicals & alcohol
- Purified Water-based Formula, free of impurities.
- Compatible with condoms and all Zentoy products
- Made in accordance with WHO guidelines.
- For external use
- Packed in a premium 100ml / 6.2 fl.Oz glass bottle.


Silicone based.

Premium ingredients - silky feeling

Long-lasting performance that lets skin feel smooth.
Simple, body- and condom-friendly ingredients.

- No sticky residue
- Scent- and color-free
- Compatible with condoms 
- Don't use with Zentoy silicone products
- For external use
- Packed in a premium 100ml / 6.2 fl.Oz glass  bottle                  


Massage Oil

Nourishing and washable

Made with premium Oils and Cacao Butter.
Just enjoy the nourishing effect of a Tantric or Intimate massage. It's the perfect ingredient to fully experience all Zentoy rituals.
- For external use
- Compatible with all Zentoy products
- Easy to wash with soap
- Not compatible with Latex condoms
-  Packed in a premium 100ml / 6.2 fl.Oz  glass bottle